Introduction to Our Family Genealogy
posted by Connie (Spiegel) Gilbert

Dedicated to the memory of my grandmother, Alethea Warren Shaw. Also, dedicated to my parents, children, grandchildren, and cousins around the country. I think we are a talented bunch, as I study our history I find we have always been so.

SHAW and WARREN families history

This history is copied from my grandmother's papers, they are more than lists of names and dates as many genealogy records tend to be. She included information about the people and the times, old letters, and sometimes newspaper reports. These papers were written over time, from the 1940's to 1976, many are in her own handwriting, some are typed with her handwritten notes in the margins.

SPIEGEL family history

Today, it is not nearly as hard to trace your family, with so many publishing on the internet one may find their family within a few hours. However, my father's family, the German SPIEGEL, has not been researched as far as I can tell. So I am trying to continue the legacy and add to our history. Thanks to the Mormon website <>, many church records in Germany have been recorded, so I am sifting through them and adding what I can find. This is an old family, dating to the 1300s, the research is teaching me an era of history I previously had little knowledge of.

GILBERT family history

As a gift to my husband, I have researched his family history and traced his father's side to Saratoga Springs, NY. The research continues but I will be posting what I have.




The Moonglade

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Note: Spelling was not standardized in earlier centuries; so individuals, even in the same immediate family, may have spelled their surname differently.


Remarkable Ancestors:

Edmond Wait

Elisha Bartlett

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