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My Grandmother, Alethea Warren Shaw, was remarkable. Her talents ranged from drawing and painting, writing, and singing. One of her interests was history, expressing this interest led her to make a lifetime study of our family. She painstakenly researched, made volumes of notes, corresponded with cousins, and left us her writing. To make sure all of our grandchildren and their grandchildren know of our history, I am typing her papers and creating this website. I have copied mostly word for word, unless there was an obvious typo. I have place her personal comments in italics, when it seemed more fitting. Her rambling style is the result of her thoughts tumbling from her mind to her fingers as she typed; reading her papers I once again am sitting next to her as she repeats our family stories. She was a treasure and left us a legacy of knowledge. This will be an ongoing project, as I find time to copy her papers I will try to organize them and post them on this website. I hope you enjoy reading as much as I have. - Connie

Mary Wait at 17, my great-grandmother

Mary Wait Warren was one of the early Christian Science Practioners.

My grandmother also left me Her memoirs, the handwritten volume covers her girlhood and as a young woman to the time she married my Grandfather. You can read it here when I get it transcribed.

New!! Just received, a Memory Book of Aleathea Shaw sent to me by my uncle. (Who typed it? let me know)
Read it here.

A Letter from MWW to her grandson.

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About Alethea Warren Shaw

My grandmother was born in Georgia, VT, in 1888 and lived to be 90. She was the daughter of Mary Wait and Jerre Warren, had several sisters and eventually one brother. She showed an early talent for art, drawing, painting, sculpting, needlework, as well as singing with her beautiful soprano voice, and writing. Grandma had it all, looks, brains, and talent. As early as 1912 she had a career with Modern Priscilla Magazine published in Boston, Mass. She designed needlework, wrote the directions, drew advertising, and later became "Aunt Priscilla" writing a column for the Priscilla Junior Club. I have been collecting issues of Modern Priscilla, I hope to collect all the issues with Alethea's work.

Alethea married at age 30; as was the custom at that time, she soon retired from her career and raised a family. She never stopped painting, writing, and researching. Over the years she spent much time with her "correspondence".

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